Hardy fly rod dating

If people are coming here looking for valuations for Hardy Cane Rods, or if they're coming here hoping to buy Hardy Cane Rods, I've been looking for ways to help.

For valuations, see the post here - Hardys are an excellent, helpful company.

Try putting a pack of frozen peas on the joint for about half an hour - this causes the rod material to shrink slightly - then pull and twist in opposite directions, gripping as close to the joint as you can (rubber gloves are very helpful for this).

If this fails contact customer service for further advice. When we charge postage, we charge for the actual cost of the postage, but also the cost of the packing materials and the time taken to send them.

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Howard's individual highlight was placing fourth in the 2012 World Championships.

I'm sure they'll be only too pleased to provide some history to your vintage rod.

If you're looking to buy a Hardy cane rod, the following will hopefully be of help to you.

In the event that we don't have any, an upgrade to an equivalent current rod will be offered at a discounted price. Some spare parts are available to order, or may be replaced under warranty. We recommend that only household candle wax is used on the joints.

My rod sections are stuck together, what should I do?