Who is danny pintauro dating

'When you put all of these nasty things together, like a compromised immune system, having been up for a long time, drugs, rough sex, all of that combined with lesions in your mouth, maybe, bodily fluids, it’s that easy.' Danny (left, in a 1986 episode) said it was Judith Light (center), who played his on-screen mother Angela on Who’s The Boss?Over the years, reactions to my HIV status from lovers and boyfriends have varied. But then again, there was that one guy who called me a deadly weapon.“There was more that I wanted to explore sexually,” Pintauro told Winfrey. ” Pintauro wondered — but he said he told the man who became his husband about his HIV status before they even kissed.“What I vowed at time was that I wasn’t going to be the guy who gave it me,” he said.Pintauro came out “before everybody,” he said, on the advice of TV mom Judith Light, way back in 1997 after a tabloid threatened to do the job for him.The young man, whose character used to confide in Light and Tony Danza on national television, told Oprah Winfrey in a dramatic interview aired over the weekend, about his crystal meth use and HIV diagnosis.

Unfortunately, sometimes it became the only thing we could both relate to, and I realized that strictly dating positive men was too exclusive, and limiting my options.In the supermarket, Tony chats up the pretty woman whom he sees there every week lately and while he leaves with her phone number on a pumpkin, she leaves thinking he owns a Jaguar.Meanwhile, Angela hasn't had a date in quite some time.Star Talks Life After Stardom The two reportedly got engaged in 2013 in Palm Springs after a year of dating.Pintauro is best known for playing Jonathan Bower on the long-running '80s family sitcom, which also starred Tony Danza, Alyssa Milano and Judith Light.