Old snl skits about dating

For Vanessa's character, she explains how she signed up for the app because she 'already bought my wedding dress' and all that she needed to complete the package was a groom.After going on 'tons of OK dates', she met her Henry.Leave it to Saturday Night Live to come up with the most relatable skit about dating in a world where Donald Trump is our president.In the three-minute sketch, comedian Cecily Strong plays a woman named Michelle who shows up at a bar too early and decides to have a drink while she waits for her friend to arrive.hasn't always been consistently hilarious year after year, their way of delivering biting social commentary has never wavered.That's why this fake commercial for a dating app called Settl is just so perfect.It also repeats itself, clarifies itself and can speak up when you can’t hear it.

has been the jumping-off point for some of the greatest comedians in history; Eddie Murphy, Tina Fey, Chris Farley, and Dan Aykroyd are only a few of the show’s alums who went on to become household names.

Michelle's night takes a turn when she meets several men at the bar who try to impress her by talking politics.

The first guy to approach Michelle casually tries to differentiate himself from the others. "I think the whole world is," Michelle shoots back at him.

While the White House was definitely the focus of tonight’s episode of Saturday Night Live, the show managed to fit in a great sketch on Amazon’s Alexa.

The sketch was an advertisement for a (faux) device called Alexa Silver, touted as the only smart speaker built specifically for “the greatest generation.” The device’s main feature?