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Small groups encourage development of positive attitudes in the face of opposing negative pressures that so often influence behavior at the critical age of adolescence.Some of the topics discussed throughout the program include physical and emotional growth, body image, eating disorders, sexual myths and sexual truths, female victimization, dating responsibility, and HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.If you see the dog, call 712-250-1084, or her sister Bonnie in Atlantic, at 7. One is a German Shepherd mix and the other is small rottewieler mix.Showed up last night on the Elk Horn road outside of Atlantic. (6/22/17) *Please let us know if the pet is returned to the owner to help keep this updated.Items will be listed for 2 weeks** Recycling Trailer in Audubon is no longer located at Shopko, it is now at Audubon Church of Christ parking lot (2050 Hwy.71) The recycling bins in Cumberland have been moved north of the Community Building. Produce in the Park farmers market is this Thursday in Atlantic City Park, to pm.The Crime Victim Compensation Program of the Iowa Attorney General’s Office pays out-of-pocket expenses incurred by victims as a result of injury and death from crime.

The Iowa Women’s Foundation is proud of its partnerships with over 100 state-based organizations since its founding in 1994.Since July 1, 1986, victims of crime, other than simple misdemeanors, have the right to register, in writing, with the county attorney in order to be notified of the status of their case and their rights as crime victims. Law enforcement is required to advise victims of the right to register and provide a request for registration form. As part of the plea, the charge of Felonious Misconduct in Office, a Class D felony, was dropped.According to the plea agreement, the defendants face a prison sentence of up to ten years, a fine of up to ,500, and they agree to pay full restitution. Under the restitution agreement, the total to be repaid is ,293.05, and an additional ,824.39 for the cost of the state audit.