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You can set up your i Pad or Apple TV (4th generation) as a home hub to automate and remotely control your Home Kit accessories from your i OS device.

Unfortunately this isn’t switched on yet, but will be in a future software update.

I don't believe that's true as I saw my rescue firmware version change when they upgraded my HH3k firmware last month Here's my contribution: Firmware version: SG48210310Rescue version: SG48210310User interface version: 4.2.0Hardware version: 5566-000002-005I was having problems with my 4K PVR freezing while using rewind, 7-second back, pause and record so I posted in direct at this was pushed to my HH3000 today: Name: Home Hub 3000Firmware version: SG48210326Rescue version: SG48210310User interface version: 4.2.0Hardware version: 5566-000002-005 The SG48210326 firmware is newer, and it looks like other people have it too, maybe not just those with problems on SG48210310. My installer tech did say that yesterday a new firmware was released that day. For those of you who have had the firmware upgraded from one version to another, did it happen automatically? I was having issues my wireless fibe receiver ever since they switched me to the HH3000. When I was on the phone with tech support the pushed the firmware to my router stating it would help tv wireless transmission, so far so good. So either 310 is their main up-to-date firmware with 326 being released only in a limited fashion for the time being (semi-beta? And yeah, on my previous unit even though I had changed the password they said they had access to it for firmware updates. I changed the admin password but they could still apply automatic updates.

To answer your other question, I changed my password day 1 and my modem automatically updated from the old firmware 264 to 310. Thanks, I called Bell tonight to ask them to push the firmware.

Want all of your lights to automatically turn off when you leave your house?

Or want a scene to automatically run at a certain time or location?