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One of the sites details ‘Netflix Steaming by Alternate Genre,’ providing an alphabetically organized list, while the other is a simple Google spreadsheet that breaks it down in ascending numerical order.

From ‘Understated Independent Coming-of-age Movies’ (562) to ‘Critically-Acclaimed Visually-Striking Gory Movies (781), browsing through these lists can open up the doorway into the vast depths of the Netflix archive.

You can learn more about all the ways you can get banned in Black Ops 2’s multiplayer down below.

Keep in mind, Infinity Ward’s version of ‘permanent ban’ translates to 5000 days, but Treyarch hasn’t specified any duration for Black Ops 2.

Otacon codes In Act 4: Shadow Moses - Nuclear Warhead Storage B2, when at Otacon's office, he will ask you for the code.

Enter one of the following codes instead of the one that Otacon mentions to get the corresponding bonus: Bandanna: Successfully complete the game without killing anyone, including Bosses.

Online games allow you to play in real-time with people all over the world.

So instead of playing against the game, you can play with real people.

An extreme offense is one in which a player has caused detriment to other users or has organized large groups of users to commit additional offenses.

Recent research from Ditch The Label, found that 57% of the 2500 12-25 year olds questioned have been bullied online. Games consoles such as the Xbox and the Play Station have huge online communities - called Xbox Live and Play Station Network respectively - where gamers can play against each other and communicate through headsets.

The majority of modern games have an online mode of some description and some games are famous for their online modes, such as the Call of Duty first-person shooter series.

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