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Charlie then said Dan should probably just leave it alone because Dan wouldn’t want Charlie saying what he wanted to say, in such a public place.Wirrow then stepped in and said Charlie shouldn’t be saying anything private in a public place and Dan once again acted like he didn’t know what Charlie was talking about.He currently resides in London, England, with fellow You Tuber and best friend of 7 years, Dan Howell.

Danisnotonfire caused a stir after he inadvertently gave too much information to his fans.You should play if before you read, or play it after! He sat back down on the sofa and unpaused the video. ” Dan replied scrolling over and selects: “I’ll ask joe sugg later.” The screen loaded the new video. Once again, I was hanging out with Dan in his and Phil's flat. I walked over and sat next to him continuing the game.“What's your favorite animal? And in the video Phil replied: “Cool, I like lions :-)”“I DIDN’T CHOOSE LIONS YOU BLOODY SPORK! In March 2010, Charlie and Stephen had a messy break up (cheating was involved but some people say Charlie cheated and others say Stephen cheated.Charlie also punched Stephen in the face and broke his nose).

Danisnotonfire and amazingphil dating